Cycle Right Bike Clinics

Ian & Tracy Fitzpatrick PMBIA & IMBA Certified Instructors
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Cycle Right Bike Clinics

Ian and Tracy Fitzpatrick are the owners of CycleRight Mountain Bike Clinics, strive to bring you the best clinic experience in a safe, constructive learning environment.  Whether you are new to mountain biking or a seasoned rider, clinics break down each skill into small parts to help riders refine techniques and master their bike skills.

Ian Fitzpatrick is a PMBI Certified Bike Instructor.

Tracy Fitzpatrick is a IMBA Certified Bike Instructor.


Ride Leader Events


Saturday Fundamentals
Beginners will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that will propel them into a world of fun for the rest of the weekend!
Saturday Technical Maneuvers
Impress your friends with new technical skills - ride that log and up that hill that you used to walk!
Sunday Cornering
Learn how to go fast by going slow into the corners. This is a the most important skill in mountain biking. Beginners will gain a wealth of knowledge and experts can revisualize the fundamentals!
Sunday Technical Maneuvers
Revisit those technical maneuvers to improve both XC and DH skills!