Ride Leaders Wanted

Are you looking to share something you truly have a passion for?

Do you want to meet new riders from out of town that are pinned on your every tale of the region? Would you like to offer up your best local rides to bike festival participants? Soak in the smiling faces, hearing hearty laughter and watching visitors enjoying the simple pleasure of riding bikes in the most beautiful place on earth, the Teton, Big Hole, and Snake River Mountains!

Our Ride Leaders are the cornerstone of the Wydaho Rendezvous, Teton Bike Festival and are solely focused on providing participants the ride a lifetime. A ride leader is a magician, one moment they are pointing out some of the lesser known birds and animals that frequent our trails, pointing out the peaks and lay of the land, spinning a spanner to offer a quick bike fix or appearing exactly when needed with a ice cold Snake River Brewing beverage, and the next they are eloquently explaining the intricate history of each area of Pierre’s and Jackson’s Hole, or confidently pairing riders for the perfect group dynamic.

What sets the Wydaho Rendezvous, Ride Leaders apart from the rest is their ability to bring the charisma of our region right into the ride itself to ensure that our festival participants are talking about their Teton Adventures for years to come.

Wydaho Rendezvous Ride Leaders qualities and skills:
Fun, Passionate and a Ever Positive
Avid Cyclists
Resourceful and Solution-Oriented
Natural “Connectors” with all personality types
Excellent Communicators
Exceptional Bike Mechanics

If showing off the unbelievable resource we have here in the Tetons is right for you we look forward to hearing from you.

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